Schwabstraße 73, 70197 Stuttgart-West und Wilhelmstraße 11, 70182 Stuttgart Mitte




There must be a face to wash&go?! In comparison to a café, a bar or a boutique, there is no one on site who welcomes you. The only exception is our cleaner who turns up 2-3 times a day. Otherwise, there is only a voice on the 24-hour service phone and someone who responds to e-mails, Facebook messages, etc.

Very anonymous you might think, but there is nothing to hide, if anything with this little introduction we want to finally give our customers an sneak peak behind the scenes.

Our highest priority is our customers satisfaction and this is the goal, a small family of three, is working hard for every day. Wash&go is a small family business, no countrywide laundrette chain, no large cleaning company or anything else…

But how do you come up with the idea to run your own laundrette in the first place?

We both never had a washing machine for many years and therefore were dependent on a self-service laundrette ourself. However, we never felt comfortable in any of the ones we visited… We often were faced with old and very few machines, no seating areas, no space to fold your clean clothes, no instructions and to be honest it was never really clean…

Therefore, our idea: „We could do this better!“

  • Cleanliness and hygiene our highest priority
  • Professional washing machines and dryers for a good result
  • A large amount of machines, so that our customers never have to wait
  • Easy self-service with onsite instructions
  • Central location
  • A nice waiting area
  • Entertainment: magazines, TV, free Wi-Fi, etc.

…and much more!

Since 2009 we are in the business and have been able to gain a lot of experience over the years. Our main principle: “What can we do better or what can we improve?”  Faster Internet, more comfortable seating, better machines, easier instructions, better discounts, a more modern lounge, a new coat of paint, better detergent, a better website and so on …

Our daily motivation: Your satisfaction!!



                    Fast & High Quality

Using the latest technology, we can guarantee a great result in a very short time. Furthermore, our gas-heated large-capacity dryers ensure crease-free laundry in no time at all. In addition, our large number of washing machines and dryers are the reason you don’t have to wait for a machine to become available.

                        Cleaner & Greener

Hygiene is very important to us. For the simple reason that only a clean launderette and clean machines guarantee clean laundry! But not at any expense. Our environment is important to us too, which is why we do not use harsh chemicals and only eco approved products.

                          100% customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our highest priority; only happy and satisfied customers are loyal customers. That’s why your constructive feedback is important to us. We strive to get better in what we do every day and that is only possible if you give us feedback!


Schwabstr. 73
70197 Stuttgart-West


Wilhelmstr. 11
70182 Stuttgart Mitte


Wilhelmstr. 11
70182 Stuttgart Mitte


+49 (0) 711-96 89 37 85

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